General description for 2020 "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook resources library"
1. ORIGIN Morricone's works are necessary supplementary resources for reading and studying "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook". It is the necessity and desire of almost all fans to collect Ennio Morricone's works. However, the number of Morricone's works can be said to be huge, and it is almost impossible to collect them completely in hand. After more than 20 years of efforts, only in terms of its film and music resources, but my collection also only a little more than 90%, and more and more difficult. After many years, it is well known that it is hard. These resources are hard won and worth cherishing. This year, the author is 83 years old. At the opening of "Handbook" resource library on New Year's day in 2020, the author decided to share all these resources with fans so that they can play a greater role

2. CONTENTS These resources are provided in the ordinary library and the senior library respectively. Considering the needs of different fans around the world, the two libraries are divided into Chinese (CN) and English (EN). Each region consists of seven parts: 001 VIDEO (More than 60% embedded English subtitles), 002 AUDIO, 003 BOOK, 004 SHEET MUSIC, 005 ARTICLE, 006 OTHER, 007 UPDATE (correction and supplement). The two libraries (including Chinese and English librarys) of total capacity is 1240G, of which 430G is the ordinary library, which is about one third of the total. It is mainly the basic resources for the beginners. The senior library is 810G, about two-thirds of the total, mainly including books and articles with copyright of this site, a large number of films with embedded subtitles, music and CD albums in lossless format, etc. For details, please refer to: ordinary library (English area); senior librart (English area).。

3. UPDATE MECHANISM Due to the wide range and quantity of resources in Ennio Morricone, its editing workload is also very arduous. Although it has taken nearly two years for to edit and build the library, there are still some resources that have not been collected and entered. There may be omissions and errors in individual content of published resources. For this reason, we establish an update mechanism in this library, will continue to make efforts to supplement and revise. Please contact the author in time to report and correct the error (qilingren@hotmail.com) after finding the problem. In the future, we will timely release update information, and successively release the latest edited and collected or purchased resources, all the latest updated information, which will be immediately sent on this page, please pay attention

4. PROHIBIT Due to different national conditions, some of films composed by Morricone are relatively exposed. In order to prevent accidents, this library is only open to adults over 18 years old. Minors are not allowed to apply, or the consequences will be borne by themselves. Secondly, limited to copyright issues, all resources in this library are only for personal to enjoy, study and use, and do not publicly disseminate. Thank you for your cooperation.

5. LAW In order to protect intellectual property rights, China has introduced many laws and regulations, which is the premise that we must pay attention to and abide by. We can see that these laws and regulations are very strict when we study them carefully, but they still leave a certain space for the communication and sharing among various folk fans. This is also the bottom line that we must abide by when we open the resource library for fans. If there are any new regulations issued by the state in the future, our resource library must also be seriously implemented. For this, please understand and support. (Tip: in order to be safe and reliable, it is best to download and save these resources as early as possible)

6. Member

6-1 Ordinary Member All registered members of our website since its establishment in 2003 can automatically become ordinary members. Since the website has been built for 17 years and many changes have taken place, we need a confirmation process. The specific methods are as follows:

1. On January 1, 2020, our website has sent a notice email to all the old VIP members. If you receive this email and are willing to follow the regulations (especially 1. You are required to be an adult, 2. For personal use only), please reply "I am willing to accept" with this notice email to get new email with password sent by our website again;

2. For all members who have registered in "Morricone Fans Community (Forum)" since 2017 (registered in its upper right corner), just open the webpage and reply a post with no less than 10 words, you can get the password immediately

6-2 Senior Member We adopt a random donation model. In order to support the long-term operation and development of our website, we hope that the applicant can donate 40 USD to the website according to your economic ability and will, or apply for reduction or exemption according to the commitment of the website below. Please send an email to HAN ( qilingren@hotmail.com) to get all passwords including ordinary and senior library after you complete the payment (Mobile donation is here) (computer donation is here).

6-3 THANKS In order to thank many old friends who have made important contributions to the construction and development of this website, this resource library is completely free for members of the editing team, members of MORRIUNION, volunteers, past donors and old friends at home and abroad who have made important contributions. Since some friends haven't been contacted for a long time, if you are in the above scope but haven't received the password sent by this website, please contact me by email (qilingren@hotmail.com), thank you
In order to meet the individual needs of fans and reduce expenses, we have opened a service area in 2021. If you only need a small amount of resources, please see here
Our consistent commitment over the years
If you are a Ennio Morricone Fans, you need the resources but are in financial difficulties or for other reasons, please send an email to (qilingren@hotmail.com) explain your specific situation and you will get a reply soon.. We are willing to provide you with the resources you need at any price you can afford until all free. Thank you.
If you only need a small amount of resources, please go to the service area to select
Important information of applicant
1. Comply with the law. All resources of this website are for personal appreciation and research only. Please do not spread them to the public. All responsibilities arising from dissemination will be borne by the disseminator
2. Due to the classification restriction of music and film composed by Morricone, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to apply illegally
Please contact to webmaster HAN if you have any question (qilingren@hotmail.com)
January 1, 2020
Ordinary resources library is free for members of this website (Applying for ordinary membership)
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