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The Morricone's works provided by American friend Benny
The Morricone's music played by Clarinetist Richard Stoltzman
The E-mail of Benny
"Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition
"Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" 2013 English edition
Morricone soundtracks resource library (Total 5596 tracks) has been opened, Free download >>>>>>
The images of Tampa, Florida of USA (Provided by Benny)(More)
Tampa's skyline and harbor area
The Riivergate Center
Clearwater Beach
Tampa's skyline and harbor area
The Riivergate Center
Clearwater Beach

Richard Stoltzman Biography

Clarinetist Richard Stoltzman straddles the worlds of jazz and classical music, his solos demonstrating an accomplished virtuosity regardless of the performance context. Stoltzman is equally at home fronting a full symphony orchestra or a small chamber music ensemble, playing swinging traditional jazz or his own soothing, new-age-tinged brand of chamber jazz. Over the course of his long career, Stoltzman has primarily endeavored to break down boundaries between audiences, bringing jazz to classical fans and vice versa.

Richard Stoltzman was born in Omaha, NE, in 1942 to a father who played the saxophone. He grew up in San Francisco and Cincinnati, and pursued degrees in music and math at Ohio State; he earned his music master's at Yale and studied for his doctorate at Columbia. Stoltzman began to make his name as a professional through Vermont's chamber-music-oriented Marlboro Music Festival, where he debuted in 1967 (the first of ten straight appearances) and began making the contacts that would lead him to co-found the chamber ensemble TASHI in 1973.

In the years that followed, Stoltzman achieved a number of firsts: he performed the first clarinet recitals ever held at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall; he was the first performer to feature jazz in a program at Wagner's legendary Bayreuth Opera House; and he became the first wind player to win the prestigious Avery Fisher Prize in 1986. He appeared as a soloist with a number of major symphonies, and also performed at international jazz festivals, as well as with jazz and pop stars Mel Tormé, George Shearing, Judy Collins, Woody Herman, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett, and the Canadian Brass, among others. In the early '90s, Stoltzman began commissioning and premiering new works for clarinet, and was also featured in the BBC's acclaimed 1993 series Concerto!, performing Aaron Copland's "Clarinet Concerto" with the London Symphony Orchestra. Through most of the '90s, Stoltzman recorded for RCA Victor, blending jazz, classical, and new age sounds, and frequently working with pianist/arranger Bill Douglas; Begin Sweet World was his artistic breakthrough and most popular recording. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide (here)



Richard Stoltzman From Wikipedia

Background information
Born July 12, 1942 (1942-07-12) (age 66)
Omaha, Nebraska
Instrument(s) Clarinet
Richard Stoltzman (b. July 12, 1942) is an American clarinetist. Born Richard Leslie Stoltzman in Omaha, Nebraska, he spent his early years in San Francisco, California and Cincinnati, Ohio, graduating from Woodward High School in 1960. Today, Stoltzman is part of the faculty list at the New England Conservatory. His notable students include Bharat Chandra and Michael Norsworthy.

Stoltzman is perhaps the most well-known clarinetist who primarily plays classical music. He has played with over 100 orchestras, as well as with many chamber groups and in many solo recitals. Stoltzman has received numerous awards and has produced an extensive discography. His virtuosity and musicianship have made him a highly sought-after concert artist.

In addition to classical repertoire, Stoltzman also plays jazz. Some of his recordings, such as his album "New York Counterpoint," feature both jazz and modern music. In 1983, Stoltzman commissioned composer/arranger Clare Fischer to write a symphonic work using Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn themes. The result was "The Duke, Swee'pea and Me", an eleven-minute orchestral work which Stoltzman performed worldwide.(More)

Richard Stoltzman, clarinet (From The New York Times)

"His mastery of the clarinet and his impeccable musicianship are no secret by now, but one who has not heard him play for a time can easily forget how rich and fluid the instrument can sound from top to bottom of its range. If Mr. Stoltzman is not one of a kind, who might the others be?" - The New York Times (here)

Clarinetist Richard Stoltzman's virtuosity, musicianship and sheer personal magnetism have made him one of today's most sought-after concert artists. As soloist with more than a hundred orchestras, as a captivating recitalist and chamber music performer, as an innovative jazz artist and appearances on nearly fifty recordings, Stoltzman has defied categorization, dazzling critics and audiences alike throughout many musical genres. Recent releases include Nielsen, Prokofiev and Lutoslawski with the Warsaw Philharmonic conducted by Lawrence Leighton Smith (BMG/RCA), the Skrowaczewski Concerto with the Saarbrucken Radio Orchestra, conducted by the composer (Albany), and the acclaimed recording of Hartke's 揕andscapes with Blues?with IRIS, conducted by Michael Stern (Naxos), a New York Times 揃est of 2003? Rautavaara's Clarinet Concerto is forthcoming on Ondine in the 2004-05 season. (here)

Richard Stoltzman's virtuosity, musicianship and sheer personal magnetism have catapulted him to the highest ranks of international acclaim, making him one of today's most sought-after concert artists. As a soloist with more than a hundred orchestras, a captivating recitalist and chamber music performer, and an innovative jazz artist, Stoltzman has defied categorization, dazzling critics and audiences alike with his performances of all genres of music.

Morre Albums (here)
The E-mail with Benny friend
2008.9.23 From Benny
Dear Han,

I would like to thank you very much for this precious gift of music. I have adored Ennio Morricone's music since I heard "Cinema Paradiso" which I have played in our community church during mass. I had someone listen to a recording and write the music for clarinet and piano ( I played the clarinet). I also recently had the recording of Yo Yo Ma of Morricone's music and loved the "Legend of 1900".

I hope that in the future, I can have copies of the score of Cinema Paradiso, and other beautiful music of Morricone featured in Yo Yo Ma's recording.

If you do not have this recording I can send it to you as gift and order from a store online here. Please let me know....
2008.9.23 From HAN
Dear friend Benny,

I am very glad to know you have got the scores, and have known your story about Morricone's music. I think it is very true, because much feeling are same for the worldwide people!

Thanks for your kindness, you can see here about YO YO MA and here about the score of Cinema Paradiso in our site. But I'd like very much to get that is recording file of you played the clarinet or another instruments for morricone's music if you are willing. I will publish them in a special column for more friends sharing it, there you can see many existing friends from the world....
2008.9.24 From Benny
Dear Han,

Thank you again for the pdf files of Once upon a time in America.
If you are collecting performances of Morricones music, I will search for it. I only know right now of Richard Stoltzman who played Cinema Paradiso. I will try to send an mp3 of this one...

2008.9.27 From HAN
If your file is less 10M, please send it to my G-mail box, its address is,
if the file is more 10M, please tell me and I will provide a new way. Thanks
2008.9.28 From Benny
I will try to send Cinema Paradiso as played by Richard Stoltzman now. Please let me know if you received this. Also did you receive his playing of Once upon a time in America? If not I will try to send to you through this e-mail.
2008.9.28 From Benny
Dear Han,
Here is Stoltzman playing Once Upon a Time in America.....
The Richard Stoltzman Clarinetist's Music provided by Benny
WMA Lisaten
MP3 Download (Right Click)
Cinema Paradiso
Once upon a Time
Download Richard Stoltzman's "Danza Latina" >>>>
Listen and download Richard Stoltzman's " Opensky","Visions","Dreams" >>>>
Listen in online 223 music of Richard Stoltzman >>>>
Thanks for Benny's support to our site
Oct.15, 2008
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