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The English TV Mini-Series"Till We Meet Again" and music (1989, Non Morricone's work)
Provided by friend Huahaoyueyuan
Huahaoyueyuan's E-mail

Director:Charles Jarrott

Writers (WGA):Judith Krantz (novel)
Andrew Peter Marin (teleplay)

Release Date:19 November 1989 (USA) more
Genre:Drama | Romance | War more
Plot:Made for TV movie revolving around the lives of three young women as they deal with the incidents around them... more
Runtime:USA:240 min
Country:USA | UK
Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1 more
Sound Mix:Mono
Certification:Iceland:12 (part 2) | Iceland:L (part 1) | Finland:K-3 (DVD) | UK:15
MOVIEmeter: No change since last week why?
Company:Steve Krantz Productions more (here)

Also Known As (AKA)
Até Nosso Próximo Encontro Brazil (cable TV title)
Champagner-Dynastie, Die West Germany
Judith Krantz's 'Till We Meet Again' USA (complete title)
Kunnes j?lleen tapaamme Finland
Mehri na xanasynantithoume Greece
Secret de Chateau Valmont, Le France
Tills vi m?ts igen Sweden

A brief-1
Made for TV movie revolving around the lives of three young women as they deal with the incidents around them. Along the way they find romance and become swept up in family intrigue. Events from 1913- 1956 are included in this adaptation of Judith Krantz's bestseller. Written by Anonymous (here)
A brief-2

Based on the novel by Judith Krantz, TILL WE MEET AGAIN tells the sweeping story of three women, Eve and her two daughters, across the turbulent years of the first half of the twentieth century. Born in France and then running away from home to seek stardom in Paris, Eve was abandoned by her family and then in turn by the man who seduced her. Eventually she found solace in the arms of French officer Paul de Lancel (Michael York), the heir to a champagne fortune. Eve's two daughters Freddy (Courteney Cox) and Delphine (Mia Sara) find their lives centered in the United States. Freddy becomes a pilot and helps out during World War II, and Delphine seeks out the glamor of movies, basking in the Hollywood nightlife, then moving to pre-War France and becoming a star of the French cinema.(here)

About music
Till We Meet Again
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This article is about the 1918 song. For other uses, see Till We Meet Again (disambiguation).
"Till We Meet Again"

Cover of "Till We Meet Again", 1918
Music by Richard A. Whiting
Lyrics by Raymond B. Egan
Published 1918
Language English
"Till We Meet Again" is a popular song. The music was written by Richard A. Whiting, the lyrics by Raymond B. Egan. Written during the Great War, the song tells of the parting of a soldier and his sweetheart. The title comes from the final line of the chorus:

Smile the while you kiss me sad adieu,
When the clouds roll by I'll come to you,
Then the skies will see more blue,
Down in lovers lane my dearie,
Wedding bells will ring so merrily','
Every tear will be a memory,
So wait and pray each night for me,
Till we meet again.
As Whiting's daughter Margaret tells it, the song was intended for a 1918 contest at a Detroit theater. Dissatisfied with the result, Whiting threw the manuscript in the trash. His secretary retrieved it and showed it to their boss, publisher Jerome Remick, who submitted it in the contest, where it won top honors.

In 1919, it was the number 1 song of the year as recorded by Henry Burr and Albert Campbell.(here)

Play in online "Till We Meet Again"(From 56site)
56site "Till We Meet Again" 2-1 93'51"
56site "Till We Meet Again" 2-2 93'19"
More video of the "Till We Meet Again" See here
Download the movie from eMule VERYCD
The song of "Till We Meet Again"

Till we meet again

Some people search all their lives
I feel that my turn has come to reach high into the sky
And finally the star shines on me
Finally, I can touch eternity

My life will never be the same
My heart is burning without shame
I feel the sun on me
When you return,you'll see the change

Some people search all the time
They're walking closely to the ground
I find and gazing on high
and finally the star shines on me
Finally I can touch eternity

My life will never be the same
And love has come to me again
And will so rise and blow
And show me all I need to know

Our life will never be the same
My love's an ever-lasting flame
Burning for you alone
When you are with me, eternity in love again

The song of "Till We Meet Again" provided by friend Huahaoyueyuan
WMA Listen
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1.14M (48K WMA)
Thanks for Huahaoyueyuan's support for our site
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