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A special column for USSR and Russian movie's music in modern times

A special column for USSR and Russian movie's music in modern times
A special column for USSR and Russian movie's music in modern times
A special column for USSR and Russian movie's music in modern times

The music of the special column uploaded by Russian friend Alex. Thanks web friend Alex


About ALEX
ALEX is a Russian young web friend. He has uploaded the about 80 Morricone's music that is total 330M since last year. The cello music played by YO-YO MA was warmly well liked by worldwide web friends and at the top of the download list lately. We have know that he is working in Moscow now from himself introduce. Recently, he has published some photos taken by him in a Russian web site, below are a few reprinted photos for your appreciate, a photo of them is his little son ANDERY. Maybe you will more understand some common Russian from these photos. You also could see this web page for more if you are interested it. (2005.1.18. Editor)

Alex is in right

Above is 2007's photos
Many happy to Alex and his family. Strong and prosperous to Russia !!!

E-mail of Alex:

Alex's personal web page see here

Note: The several generations citizens of new China was attracted by former USSR's song and music, that possess consummate art and deep connotation. And it has became their indelible spirit wealth(See here). The movie's music of USSR and Russian in modern times carry forward its outstanding tradition and pour into new vigour. As these movies shown in China "The dawn here is quiet","Moscow does not believe in tears","The story in the office","A Railway Station for Two"... and so on, same being attract young generation in China. In order to this kind of request . We construct this special column for USSR and Russian movie's music in modern times. The music and relative information in the column provided by Russian friend ALEX. Thanks a lot for ALEX's assist and support.






user comments:

Three naval cadets accidentally get possession of a secret diary that was stolen from Bestuzhev, a vice-chancellor of Russia. If this diary ever gets abroad, the consequences for the country would be grave. The cadets are trying to return the papers to their owner, but there are others who want to get the papers...

   See here for the movie -1, -2,     



WMA Listen 
(Viktor Lebedev) - Theme of Parting.wma
(Viktor Lebedev) - Lanfren-Lanfra.wma
(Viktor Lebedev) - The Seashore.wma

1008-s-1-4 The Diamond Arm

Brilliantovaya ruka (1968)


Brilliantovaya ruka (1968)

user comments:

Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise. In Istanbul, he slips and breaks his arm. What he didn't know is that this was a signal for a gang of smugglers (a real smuggler - Gena - was also on board the same ship). So his arm gets bandaged with gold and diamonds. After he returns home, the gangsters are trying to get their stuff back, while the police try to catch them using Gorbunkov and his arm

(Aleksandr Zatsepin) - The Island Of Misfortune.wma

1008-s-1-5 "Kidnapping Caucasian Style"

"Kidnapping Caucasian Style"
user comments:
In this comic but dated story, nerdy Shurik travels to Caucas in search of native legends and folklore. But what he finds is a beautiful girl whom, due to intoxication and deceit of the local "gang", he ends up literally stealing for the local deceitful governor. All the time Shurik thinks that it is all just a one old Caucasian custom. When he, finally, realizes what he did he goes out in search for the girl of his dreams.

"Kidnapping Caucasian Style"
(Aleksandr Zatsepin) - The Song About Bears.wma


Seventeen Moments of Spring(1973)


Seventeen Moments of Spring(1973)

user comments:

The series is based on a true story of a Russian spy Colonel Isaev (Stirlitz) in Fascist Germany during 17 days in very end of WWII. Stirlitz has worked his way to the very top of the Fascist hierarchy without being caught. However, his "colleagues", top Hitler's officers Borman, Mueller, Schellenberg are beginning to suspect him. Stirlits is constantly walking on the edge between his two identities, sending information to Russia, while skillfully maintaining the appearance of loyalty to fascist regime.

(Mikael Tariverdiyev) - Roads
(Mikael Tariverdiyev) - Two In A Cafe
(Mikael Tariverdiyev) - Don't Think Haughtily Of Seconds




The relatived web pages
Alfred Shnitke-Story of an Unknown Actor-The Main Theme
Anatoli Kroll - We're From Jazz - Old Moscow Smile
user comments:--------A good musical with a good message. What does it mean to have a friend and to be the one? It is shown in this movie.
Isaak Shvarts-Only Three Nights-The Walk Over The Night City
Aleksei Rybnikov-The Adventures of Buratino -Tortilla's Romance.wma

user comments:

Screen version of a very popular novel by A. Tolstoy. A wooden boy Buratino tries to find his place in life. He befriends toys from a toy theater owned by evil Karabas-Barabas, gets tricked by Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat and finally discovers the mystery of a golden key given to him by kind Tortila the Tortoise

Aleksei Rybnikov-The Adventures of Buratino
Aleksei Rybnikov - Humanoid Woman - Amazing Land

user comments:
"Per Aspera Ad Astra" is really excellent film. It contains a lot of poetry elements. It is very sorry that American lookers cannot view this movie with the correct translation. The author of screenplay Kir Bulychov is a famous Soviet sci-fi writer. He is author of such books as "Girl From The Earth", "The Last War", "Wonders in Guslyar", "Witches' Cave", "The Settlement" etc. And fine music of composer Alexey Rybnikov. In 1970's in USSR Rybnikov was known as author of music for some children's movies. Some musical fragments from "Per Aspera Ad Astra" were used in famous Rybnikov's opera "Juno and Avos". The work of creators of this film was awarded in 1982 with State Prize of Soviet Union.

Aleksei Rybnikov - The Whiskered Nanny - La-La-La
user comments:--------A fantastic feel good comedy for all ages, with an uncanny look at life in it's basic condition that addresses the fact that we all can do anything we put our hearts in to and that being in a situation that one may find not ideal is actually a blessing in disguise. This is a wonderful story of perseverance, that is driven by the heart warming tale of a male who is thrown into a kindergarten as a nanny, against his will and is taught the beauty of life by a toddler, played by Dmitri Dashevsky. Dmitri gives an astounding performance that is both comedic and tear jerking, it is through Dmitri's character that the nanny grows as a person, but most of all as a man who realises the importance of life. Dmitri is a sight for sore eyes and will guarantee an enjoyable performance for all ages. A truly gifted performer that is on the rise for greatness.
Raimonds Pauls - The Long Road to Dunes - The Main Theme.wma
user comments:--------Twenty years ago, you'd be hard pressed to find one Russian who wasn't head over heals in love with this movie. It's a story told in several parts that takes place over several decades. It begins around the time Latvia was overtaken by the Soviets, with this beautiful love story set against the backdrop of the changing times. The main heroine is a daughter of this rich farmer. She falls in love with a guy who is pro-Soviet, some kind of an activist, who is determined to eradicate people like her father. Needless to say, lots of drama results from this predicament. Then there is a rich suitor who wants to marry her, and her father likes him, but can't get her to change her mind.

Then, the WWII starts with all its chaos. The activist goes into the underground resistance against the Nazis, while the rich suitor becomes one of those Latvian legionnaires (that are now celebrated all over Latvia, even though they were essentially helping the Nazis). Through a series of misunderstandings, she comes to think that the activist was killed. By now, she has a son by him and has to make a difficult choice as to how to survive. For the sake of her son, she accepts the rich suitor's advances. By the time the war is over, the activist learns she married another and decides not to come back.

After the war, she is condemned for living with a Nazi rich suitor and sent to Siberia. I think, twenty years pass or so. All the while, the activist learns her fate and starts looking for her. At some point, she learns that he's alive, but it takes them some time to find each other. The last scene is them meeting after all these years, with this most beautiful score playing in the background (Raimond Pauls, who composed the score, was the most famous composer of popular music in the former Soviet Union). It ends with them just standing there, looking at each other, realizing that their whole life passed in search for each other, but their love survived.

Gennadi Gladkov - Gentlemen of Fortune - The Final
user comments:--------This is my favorite Russian comedy, and although it is 30 years old, people still enjoy it more than most other comedies today. A satiric and witty movie that revolves around an adventurous plot. The plot is basically that a convict (Dotsent) escapes from prison and the militia (Russian police) find the criminal's lookalike, a kindergarten teacher. He goes undercover and pretends to be a criminal to help the militia find the where the real convict has hidden a stolen mask. He makes a phony escape from the prison with two others, who think he is the real Dotsent. He eventually befriends with them and they become attached. From my plot review it might seem as a violent movie or something like that, but actually it is good for the entire family. The movie is entertaining throughout and if you want to see a comparison with an American equivalent, it's like a lot like Seinfeld because it's a situational comedy. If you are a fan of Russian cinematography and haven't seen this one, watch it right away because this is a true classic with some of the greatest Russian actors.
Gennadi Gladkov - Gentlemen of Fortune - The Final


A lot of people believe that I began with the cinema, and then started to write "absolute music"; it is not true. I began with writing "absolute music", and then I worked for the cinema because some directors called to me. I made experiences of arrangements for the radio, the television, the theatre... Therefore, I became known and was called for the cinema.For the film The Mission, Roland Joffé wanted eclectic music...The film story is true: it happened in the 18th century, in a period, musically, of a renewal of the instrumental music. This music is brought by a priest, playing oboe, in South America. He brings not only the instrumental music, with his oboe, but the rules of the Trento's council (1), dating from the end of the 16th century. It established some rules to put some order in the liturgical music, for which Palestrina (2) is the main responsible.Here are the two roots of the occidental music, put in the film The Mission: the liturgical music rules and the instrumental music. A third element added is the ethnic music, from the Guaranis.                          more>>>>>>


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